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Will there be angoras?

I will be pairing angora lines whenever possible, but because I don't breed full angora jills, every litter is a roll of the dice.  Wish us luck!


Spring is Kit Season, and some of our hobs and jills are already "in the mood".  Ferret breeding requires both the male and female to be in season.  Therefore, the best laid plans may not be feasible.  For example, a few people have expressed an interest in offspring from Rizibizi - but he is still in winter mode and not interested in jills yet.  Also, "false" or "phantom" pregnancies are very common, so not all of these pairings will result in litters.

Thinking of adding to your "business"?

Apply now, then let me know at

when you spot a kit - or kits - 

that you find interesting once they arrive.

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