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2024 Kits

will be posted here as they arrive.  Contact me if any catch your eye so you can be added to their "Interest Spreadsheet".  Once they are matched with a home they will be marked as PENDING, and once a deposit has been received they will be marked as RESERVED.


SugarPie x Pogacsa

born January 24 

2 males, 4 females

kits are only about 1/4 angora

and will probably have standard short coats


   At five weeks eyes are opening, they all weigh over 125 grams and can find their way to moms' bowl to taste her meals.  Best of all - they already know the litter box purpose! 

  The boys are definitely different colors, the larger is a light chocolate, the smaller is a gorgeous light champagne.  The girls are becoming hard to tell apart, close in weight and color.  It looks like a couple may have mitts like dad.    Do any of them want to go home with YOU?

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