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Thinking of adding a PVO kit to your life?

I don't do a "Waiting List", and I don't send out emails when kits arrive.  Pictures of each kit will be posted on the website and I set up a spreadsheet for each litter.  As approved people contact me with interest in a particular kit they are added to the sheet.  Once the kits are at least a month old and start showing some personality I go to the list and match each kit with that "perfect" forever home.  I then contact that applicant and ask for a refundable $50 deposit and we start planning logistics for pickup.  Shipping by air is still not available.

If you are worried about price, you can’t afford one of my kits. If you are looking for a bargain try Craigslist, watch for pet shop sales, or adopt from your local shelter.  I have invested time and money into carefully chosen bloodlines.  Also, a private bred ferret has not been spayed or neutered.  This is good because the kit can reach full maturity before being altered.  However, it can be an expensive procedure, requiring an experienced vet. 

My prices are competitive with other private breeders:

Typical pet ferret      $300

Full angora               $500

I prefer to sell my kits as pets.  Therefore, I offer a $100 rebate on proof of spay/neuter/DES implant.  Sale to breeders is by special arrangement only.

These are not your typical mellow kissy ferrets.

No matter how much you have researched in books, how many pet shop ferrets you have owned, or how cute the tiny kits seem on the webcam……there is nothing like a private bred intact ferret. 

Smarter, bigger, strong-willed, hormonal, stinky, nippy…… all adjectives I have heard describe the kits as they grow.  These are not pets for young children.  These may not be right for first time ferret owners.  Talk to some people who have kits from previous litters.  I hear good feedback, but if anyone has second thoughts they know I will always take the ferret back.

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